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“Colm is an adopted son of Bristol who hasn’t quite developed a love of cider on the same level as his west country peers. He loves music and spends a lot of his time with headphones on, going to gigs or noodling aimlessly on his guitar. If he hadn’t put down such deep roots in Bristol, Colm has always thought that he might have ended up in Barcelona, basking in the shade on sunny afternoons. As it is, his days are mostly spent tapping away at a keyboard, writing about the latest developments in technology. This might not reach the giddy heights he imagined he’d reach when he pictured himself as a rockstar in his youth, but he loves the challenge of using words to present complex information in understandable and useful ways. “Since leaving university a decade ago, Colm has worked for a number of agencies in Bristol. He has been a copywriter, website editor and project manager, working on topics ranging from blockchain to legal information. He is also about to become a father, which is the start of a whole other adventure.”

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Mac running slow? A beginner’s guide to cleaning your machine
Help your machine maintain a high level of performance for longer by taking care of these background tasks.
24 May 2018

Tips & Advice

Ad-blocking: key benefits and potential problems
The ad-blocked experience is superior in a lot of really important ways.
24 May 2018


Smart homes and security – is increased connectivity making us more vulnerable?
As the smart device market continues to grow, the concern is that the companies producing these devices are not putting security concerns high enough on their agendas.
09 May 2018