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Secure Your Devices when Travelling

Here are some must have tips to make sure your devices stay safe on your journey.

Published by Total AV Security Labs

The summer is coming and many of us will travel on vacation. Here are some tips to make sure you and your devices (laptop/tablet/smartphone) get to the destination and back safe:

  • Secure your device when unattended
    Physically secure the laptop with a security cable to something immovable or to a heavy piece of furniture when it is unattended. Don’t forget to lock your device using the provided functionality, or simply shut it down.

  • Don’t store your password on your device.
    Please, don’t write it on the back of the device and don’t make it as simple as 1234.

  • Don’t leave your devices in your car
    Many will break the window to get the laptop. Sometimes it costs more replacing the glass than replacing the laptop (ignoring the fact that you might have some important information on it).



  • Don’t store your devices in checked luggage
    Checked luggage will be treated rough. Your device will definitely get damaged. Most airlines will also remove it completely, in order to avoid any fire from the battery.

  • Keep track of your laptop/tablet when you go through airport screening
    Hold onto your laptop until the person in front of you has gone through the metal detector, and watch your laptop/tablet to emerge from the screening equipment.
    If you’re not sure, check the back of the laptop or start it briefly to make sure it is really yours.

  • Use tracking software
    Consider use of commercial software that reports the location of a stolen laptop once it’s connected to the Internet.
    Tablets/Smartphones have this built in, but you need to activate it.

  • Backup your files.
    Make a backup of your files and of your device before every trip. In the event that your device is lost, stolen or damaged, you will still have a copy of your data.

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