Is your browser full of Ads?

Has your browser been overrun by adverts? We have a solution for you.

Do you see in your browser a lot more ads than ever before?

If your browser window is cluttered with ads which didn’t seem to be there last time you visited the website, it may be that you installed a malicious extension, or a malicious software is acting as a web proxy for your computer.

The cybercriminals are gaining money either by every click or even by every view of the ad.


Open your browser’s Settings and check the Extensions or Addons. Remove anything you don’t want to have there, and make sure you don’t keep to many. More things there means that the browser will start slower and depending on the items there, it might even function slower.

But, it mustn’t necessarily be an extension in the browser, it can be a program that is acting as a proxy and reinterprets everything what you browse and injects ads. Make a full system scan with your antivirus (which you already installed, hopefully) and then have a look in “Programs and Features” to see any kind of strange programs there.

Do not install toolbars or software
Also an anti ads browser extension might help but you need first to solve the root cause.


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