Suspicious activity detected whilst logging on from other locations

What can happen in the event of suspicious activity being detected on your online profiles.

You get warnings from online services, informing you that you logged on from various locations.

When you visit certain websites (e.g. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn) you get a warning if you are logged in on different devices on different geographical locations.

If it wasn’t you who logged in from a new device, this is usually a sign that someone got somehow access to your account and is trying to log in on your behalf.

In some cases, you might have allowed some service like IFTTT or similar, to access your account and do something with it (like posting on your behalf). In this case, you need to carefully analyze which accesses were was authorized by you and which didn’t.

There are cases where the fraudsters are using a web service to log in on your behalf in order to steal money or do some other type of damage.

The best way to prevent this kind of threats is to change your password to a strong one, unique for each account and enable two-factor authentication for your account.

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