How to recognize a money laundry scam

A few key points to look out for when your receive an email that looks to good to be true.

Monday 25th June 2018

Here is an email which has been circulating, which sounds… well… too good to be true.

If you look at the keywords: compensation, scheme, “European Union Government” (btw, there is no such thing), email, randomly selected, lucky.

I am Vogel Anton  , European Union Payout Officer in Germany in charge of processing and remitting payment to all Beneficiaries of the European Union Compensation Scheme. We have $4,000,000.00.of your compensation funds fromthe European Union Government, Please be informed that the funds are coming directly from the European Union  , It is a Compensation from the European Union to all Victims of Global financial   , Scammed Victims and Economic Meltdown andyour email has been randomly selected as one of the lucky beneficiaries.

we have been authorize to Transfer your full compensation payment of
You are required to provide these details to enable us to 
proceed with your transfer:

Full Names.
Direct Phone No.
Scanned Copy of I.D.

Vogel Anton

This is the state of mind you should always have when you read an email:

When something is too good to be true, it usually isn’t true.

 Always keep in mind the following, when you encounter a strange looking email:

  • Do they require your full details  (address, ID, social security, etc.) ?

  • Does the email look strange from a technical point of view? Just look at those empty fields in From and To.

  • If there is a large sum of money involved?

  • Do you need to do something for that sum of money?

  • Is the grammar and syntax of the email is just plain wrong?

Whenever you see something that doesn’t look right (from both common sense as well as technical) then it is most probably not!

Just erase it …

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