TotalAV continues to achieve excellence with passing Virus Bulletin testing once again

TotalAV have done it again, passing the VB100 with flying colours

TotalAV can now be noticed for their renowned 100% WildList detection and their 0% false positives due to being awarded the VB100 once again by Virus Bulletin.

The VB100 award is given to those products with great certification of meeting the standards required in order to be recognised as a properly functioning and legitimate anti-malware software. In order to obtain a VB100 the software must be able to detect at least 99.5% of malware listed by the ‘WildList Organisation’, it must also generate no more an 0.01% of false positives. After entering the VB100 testing in April, TotalAV have held a 100% pass rate since.

While making a purchasing decision for a product such as antivirus software, it requires the customer to acquire a level of trust. With TotalAV earning the VB100 award for a third time, with ease, it gains both the existing and potential consumers trust towards the business and the software itself, which will only see TotalAV flourish and thrive even more than they already are within this crowded market.

Retaining their excellence with this award also supports their “risk free” guarantee that TotalAV appropriately promote.

With the main consumers of TotalAV being home-users lies potential for those to have a smaller knowledge base surrounding antivirus, leaving them in a more vulnerable position when purchasing antivirus. Factoring in this, TotalAV offer a broad range of appropriate security features such as real-time protection, anti-ransomware and remote firewall, in order to protect the individual from harmful malware yet allowing the PC to still run smoothly.

In the interest of the consumer, TotalAV offer an extensive range of support in order to assist the use of the antivirus software that they offer, involving all areas whereby any potential breaches are detected and contained efficiently to protect the PC further. The streak of excellence with continuing to pass the VB100 confirms that any of these breaches that may have been detected in the first instance have now been evacuated, as over 99.5% of malicious samples are being found and 0% of legitimate files or processes are incorrectly being identified (false positives), showing not only greatness but also improvement.

Following the pass rate that TotalAV are currently leading by, it is expected for them to continue to excel by achieving and conforming with the standards of VB100 and persisting to remain an award winner.

Award winning antivirus protection from TotalAV. Stay 100% safe from malware and online threats.

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