TotalAV successfully passes official testing with Virus Bulletin

TotalAV awarded VB100 Certification

A recent review by Sorin

“What is the best antivirus product on the market?”  I am being asked very often by friends and even people who I met for the first time. The answer I give is never “Product X” because there is no such thing as “the best” when it comes to antimalware products.

It is always about the security needs of the person or company who asks the question. These security needs are at the end dependent on the attack vectors against each individual.

For example, if we try to protect a standard home user or a micro-small company, we need to think of On Access (including ransomware detection) and On Demand scanning, web filtering, ad filtering and a certain degree of privacy protection. For a small company, we need to think more at things like email filtering (spam and phishing), targeted attacks, backup, disaster recovery, remote management and so on.

In my opinion, the most important asset of an antimalware product is the combination of the two Ps: Protection-Performance. Why? In general, the more features a product has, the better the protection it offers is. However, this comes always with the cost of reducing the computer’s performance. So, a good antimalware product has to offer a good balance between protection and performance.

TotalAV of SSProtect Ltd. is according to Virus Bulletin’s editor Martijn Grooten, “a relatively new UK-based product whose developers are working hard to make a name for themselves in the crowded market for home-user endpoint security“. And indeed, it entered the Virus Bulletin regular testing in April this year and successfully earned its first VB100%.
TotalAV comes with the combination of features mostly required by home users, just as mentioned above. The Virus Bulletin testing is measuring the detection rate, the false positive rate and is making also the ‘Reactive and Proactive’ (‘RAP’) test – a test which measures how quickly products detect new malware. The RAP scores give a good indication as to how quickly a product catches up when it comes to detecting new malware statically.

In order to obtain the VB100% certification, a product must have a 100% detection rate of the In the Wild list and a 0% false positive rate of well-known files. 

The product offers along antimalware scanning features like: ad blocking and web filtering (using a browser extension), various components to give the system a boost, a Disk cleaner, a VPN product and a password manager. The thing I like most at this combination is the fact that they don’t consume system resources since these features don’t have a real-time component.

A nice thing I noticed is that the user is offered with a decent set of defaults, which make the computer secure by default without slowing down the normal operation.

Overall, I see here a very promising future for TotalAV on its mission to protect as many home users as possible.

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